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Annual Report 2019-2020



The Annual Report 2019-2020 is the first for Africa Digital Financial Inclusion Facility (ADFI), documenting the journey to create ADFI, its launch, first investments and way forward.

The report outlines the achievements made by ADFI in less than two years – establishing the Facility, launching the Call for Proposals, selecting a shortlist and final list of projects for implementation.

This represents considerable progress in our goal to ensure that 332 million more Africans, of which 60% are women, have access to the formal financial sector by 2030.

But our journey has just begun.

Our goal is ambitious and far-reaching and we cannot realise our endeavour to catalyse digital financial inclusion across Africa without deepening and expanding our partnerships. 

We are dedicated to sharing our evidence across the sector and with the broader public. We encourage anyone who is interested to contact us and request that you also spread the word on ADFI and our activities.


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