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Gender Inclusivity

Investing in inclusive DFS that will make a lasting impact on the lives of women across the continent

When women access digital financial services, including financial accounts, payments, savings and credit, they are able to access some of the basic tools needed to thrive in the formal economy. They are better positioned to start businesses, invest in their future and provide for their families. They also stand to gain greater privacy and control over their finances and through innovations such as digital payments, go on to save precious time and resources.

We mainstream gender across our four strategic pillars and in doing so, we intend to play a strong role in closing Africa's gender gap in access to financial services.

To be eligible for financing, ADFI projects will be chosen based on their expected impact on the livelihoods of stakeholders, and in particular on women, low-income households and vulnerable communities.

The strategy

sWe support initiatives that are gender-intentional or gender-transformative.

Gender-intentional: Our investments will be designed to reduce gender gaps in access to resources. These include initiatives that describe differences in how people are impacted by a problem because of their gender and how the overall initiative will address the disparities, the risks and reduce gender gaps.

Gender-transformative: Our investments will be designed to transform gender power relations and/or reduce gender gaps. We will work with initiatives that actively examine, question and change rigid gender norms and imbalances of power.


The partners

gender partnersWe work with all partners under each ADFI strategic pillar (Digital Infrastructure, Policy and Regulation, Products and Innovation and Capacity Building) to embed the two strategies based on the prevailing context.


The areas of intervention


Strategic outcomes

A total of 60% of all ADFI projects are gender-intentional and 15% are gender-transformative.

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