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Capacity Building

Elevating DFS stakeholder capacity to advance inclusive growth across the continent

Supporting skill transfer helps stimulate innovation by DFS actors and enhances digital financial inclusion

Capacity Building

The strategy

icon cdOur capacity building pillar is a cross-cutting workstream where partners' capacities are reinforced across ADFI projects. We support awareness-raising and skill development across the digital financial ecosystem in order to stimulate innovation and digital adoption.

The partners

icon cdWe work with all DFS ecosystem stakeholders including end users, service providers and regulators through existing projects and specific capacity building programs.

The areas of intervention

Areas of intervention

Strategic Outcomes

The number of highly-skilled DFS players has increased, ecosystem digital innovation preparedness is developed across a diverse set of actors offering DFS and there is greater awareness among DFS end users.

ADFI Focus Areas

  • Peer Learning
  • In-house/online training
  • Site Visits
  • Customer Awareness Creation Programs

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