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Policy and Regulation

Supporting African regulators to create an enabling environment for financial inclusion

DFS regulatory frameworks and policies are critical determinants of DFS adoption across the continent

ADFI Pillar II: Policy and Regulation

Some of the biggest bottlenecks to the expansion of digital financial services in Africa are due to stringent and unsupportive regulatory frameworks which often hinder the growth and uptake of digital financial services. While strict regulatory processes set out to ensure privacy for consumers and account security, regulation that allows for experimentation in innovative applications and other technologies can foster enabling environments where diverse digital financial solutions can thrive.

We are dedicating 14% of our resources towards supporting financial policies and regulatory frameworks that keep pace with technological developments and foster innovation and inclusion across the continent.

The strategy

hChanges in regulation have the potential to unlock DFS growth by removing a number of barriers to financial inclusion. We work with stakeholders to advocate for changes in policies and regulation that promote and strengthen partnerships among DFS actors.

The partners

jWe work with key regulatory bodies such as central banks, competition authorities, regional economic integration bodies and government ministries across the continent.

The areas of intervention


Strategic Outcomes

Opening up of financial and telecom regulations to spur financial sector innovation and promote healthy competition and diverse innovations that solve the needs of low-income people at an affordable price.

ADFI Focus Areas

  • Diagnostics
  • Regulatory Harmonisation
  • Strategy Development
  • Regulatory Reform

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