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Digital Products and Innovation

Leveraging digital solutions for a more financially-inclusive Africa

Scaling up DFS innovations help remove barriers to growth - from the digitisation of agricultural value chains and government payments to digital microsavings and Fintech support

ADFI Pillar III: Digital Products and Innovation

ADFI supports innovative DFS products that have a broad reach across all population segments. Digital innovations are already creating an array of opportunities and possibilities for Africans across the continent. The digitisation of Government platforms make it easier for rural populations to receive money directly into their digital accounts. Agricultural digital platforms make it easier to register, procure and pay farmers and have the potential to increase the adoption of digital tools by farmers. Innovations like digital loans and savings continue to increase in demand in African markets that have moved beyond person-to-person digital payments.

We invest 40% of our resources in sustainable digital products and innovations that demonstrate a positive impact on the livelihoods of low-income consumers, including women and vulnerable communities.

The strategy

ICON INFRASTRUCTUREWe work with stakeholders to ideate, develop, and scale innovations that address community development priorities at the country and regional level. Community development will be aligned to SDGs, country and/or regional strategies and funding partner priorities.

The partners

products iconTogether with fintechs, governments, regional economic bodies, financial service providers, research organisations, NGOs, UN agencies, multilateral and bilateral organisations, we work to advance SDGs and support wealth creation for lower-income people.

The areas of intervention

Areas of intervention

Strategic Outcomes

Develop and scale products and innovations for use in Africa with a clear value proposition for end users and diversified business models that enable customized financing based on human-centered design and data analytic for decision-making.

Women and excluded people in Africa have relevant and affordable services that help build their economic resilience.

ADFI Focus Areas

  • Fintech Support
  • Digitisation of Government Payments
  • Digital Credit (micro-retail, MSMEs, SMEs)
  • Digital Micro-insurance/savings/pension
  • Digitisation of key value chains

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