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Digital Infrastructure

Providing the foundations to reach the largest share of Africans

A critical barrier to financial inclusion is the lack of interoperable and inclusive digital payment infrastructure across Africa

ADFI Pillar I: Digital Infrastructure 

Intervening along Pillar I, we are committing 46% of our investments to support national and regional DFS-related infrastructure.

DFS-related infrastructure is a crucial precondition for expanding DFS in any country.  The infrastructure required for widespread mobile connectivity and usage is integral to DFS uptake, especially in rural and remote areas of Africa where mobile network coverage is poor and financial distribution networks sparse. Similarly, financial infrastructure that facilitates efficient, affordable and secure transactions, such as interoperable digital payment systems and distribution networks, digital identification and robust security platforms are equally critical for the expansion of DFS to a larger share of Africans.  

The strategy

testWe encourage and facilitate the deployment of digital infrastructure in market segments and locations that are still struggling to onboard into the digital ecosystem.

The partners

PARTNERS ICONWe work with  governments, regional public entities, central banks and other regulators, non-profit organisations as well as private stakeholders such as banks, microfinance institutions, mobile network operators, Fintechs and other DFS providers.

The areas of intervention

Areas of intervention

Strategic Outcomes

The prerequisites for digital finance and innovation are met and providers are motivated to develop innovative products and make them accessible to all segments of the market on a sustainable basis.

Financially excluded people can easily access digital financial services and conveniently use them with a positive customer experience.

ADFI Focus Areas

  • Payment Systems
  • Market Infrastructure
  • Digital Identity
  • Digital Registries

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